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Midi Qasidah Gambus.rar

Midi Qasidah Gambus.rar: A Collection of Islamic Music Files

Qasidah is a form of Islamic music that originated in Arabia and spread to various regions with Muslim populations. It consists of songs with religious or moral themes, accompanied by percussion instruments such as rebana, kecrek, and tambourine. Gambus is a type of lute that is often used in qasidah music, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia. Midi is a file format that stores musical data, such as notes, tempo, and instruments, that can be played by electronic devices or software.

Midi qasidah gambus.rar is a compressed file that contains a large number of midi files of qasidah songs that use gambus as the main instrument. The file can be downloaded from various sources on the internet, such as [Cakrawala Musik Enterprise], [SoundCloud], and [Facebook]. The file is intended for those who are interested in qasidah music, either for personal enjoyment, learning, or performing. The file can be extracted using software such as WinRAR or 7-Zip, and the midi files can be played using software such as Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, or Synthesia.

midi qasidah gambus.rar

The midi files in the rar file cover a wide range of qasidah songs, from the classic ones that praise Allah and His Prophet, to the modern ones that address social issues and promote Islamic values. Some examples of the songs are:

  • Ya Nabi Salam Alaika: A song that expresses love and respect for Prophet Muhammad.

  • Ya Badrotim: A song that describes the beauty and nobility of Prophet Muhammad's family.

  • Ya Robbi Bil Mustofa: A song that asks Allah to bless Prophet Muhammad and his followers.

  • Ya Habibi Ya Muhammad: A song that expresses devotion and admiration for Prophet Muhammad.

  • Ya Thoybah: A song that expresses longing for Medina, the city of Prophet Muhammad.

  • Ya Hanana: A song that praises Allah's mercy and grace.

  • Ya Jamalu: A song that praises Allah's beauty and majesty.

  • Ya Tayba: A song that expresses joy and gratitude for Islam.

  • Sholawat Badar: A song that commemorates the Battle of Badr, the first major victory for the Muslims against the pagans.

  • Sholawat Nariyah: A song that asks Allah to grant abundant blessings and peace to Prophet Muhammad.

  • Bismillah: A song that encourages Muslims to start everything with the name of Allah.

  • Ibu: A song that honors mothers and their sacrifices.

  • Anakku: A song that advises parents to raise their children with Islamic teachings.

  • Palestina: A song that expresses solidarity and support for the Palestinian cause.

  • Jilbab Putih: A song that praises women who wear hijab and modest clothing.

Midi qasidah gambus.rar is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to enjoy or learn more about qasidah music. It offers a variety of songs that reflect the richness and diversity of Islamic culture and values. It also provides an opportunity for musicians and singers to practice and perform qasidah songs using electronic devices or software. Midi qasidah gambus.rar is a testament to the creativity and innovation of Muslim artists who use technology to preserve and promote their musical heritage.

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