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Julian Cook
Julian Cook

Management In Networks: On Multi-actor Decision...

Abstract:Energy communities (ECs) play a role in the transition towards a low-carbon economy by 2050 and receive increasing attention from stakeholders within the energy sector. To foster ECs, transition management (TM) is a promising managerial approach to steer and guide the transition towards more sustainable practices. However, TM lacks a consistent methodology that addresses the criticism of the current application. To investigate what a structured and replicable TM approach for ECs can look like, this paper applies the multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA), a participative multi-criteria decision method, to a case study EC in the Netherlands involving various stakeholders. The impact of the application on power relations, the political sphere, sustainability conceptualization, guidance of transitions, and representation was analyzed. MAMCA was found useful for multi-stakeholder settings seen in potential ECs, offering a unifying methodology for the practical application of TM. In the EC setting, the added value of MAMCA within TM lies more in the social representation, insight into stakeholder viewpoints, and communication rather than in final decision-making.Keywords: energy transition; transition management; multi-actor multi-criteria analysis; energy communities; multi-criteria analysis

Management in Networks: On multi-actor decision...

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Pieter Bots, Els van Daalen, Leon Hermans, Rens Kortmann, Jan Kwakkel, Tineke Ruijgh-van der Ploeg and Jill Slinger all authored chapters in this book. They are members of the scientific staff of the Policy Analysis section at the Faculty of TPM. Their work focuses on methods for multi-actor systems analysis and design in support of policy making under uncertainty. This is applied to a variety of domains, such as water and environmental management, climate adaptation, energy transition, transport and logistics.

The Urban Housing Practitioners Hub (UHPH) is a multi-actor coalition that generates incidence in multiple actors from the region, promoting meeting, the exchange of good practices, innovative action and knowledge management in housing and habitat, acting as a Public Good in Latin America and the Caribbean 041b061a72

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