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Julian Cook
Julian Cook

Detour Subtitles English

The Nieuwe Institute team told us that process of creating detour guides starts with a brainstorming session. Considering the number of creatives involved, this process produces an avalanche of ideas. These ideas need to be filtered and refined to create an experience that can be executed in the museum space. All ideas are encouraged during the brainstorming session, but not all of them are logistically possible.

Detour subtitles English

Restoration work is currently being carried out inside the Neuschwanstein Castle. The renovations are expected to last until 2024. Until summer 2023, the bedroom, the dressing room, the living room and the grotto will unfortunately be closed to the public. In order to nevertheless give visitors an impression of the rooms, an 11-minute film on these rooms will be shown in German with English subtitles after the palace tour. Other main rooms such as the throne room and the singer's hall remain unaffected by this. For further information click here...

From March 20 until probably the end of May 2023, the road Colomanstrasse ST2016 in Hohenschwangau will be completely closed due to road works. A diversion through Schwangau will be signposted. To avoid delays, expect a longer journey time to Hohenschwangau. Here you can find the detour plan...

THE BLU-RAY DISCAfter Detour fell into the public domain, audiences grew accustomed to seeing it under less-than-ideal circumstances--usually sourced from dupey, high-contrast 16mm prints with missing frames and film damage aplenty. The idea of a proper restoration had been elusive but tantalizing, given the difficulty of finding high-quality 35mm elements. The breakthrough came with the discovery of a first-generation nitrate print held in a Belgian film archive; that print was scanned at 4K, and digital restoration techniques were used to replace and/or paint out the parts of each frame marred by subtitles. The audio, meanwhile, was remastered from the optical tracks on four different film prints (one 16mm and three 35mm). Criterion's release thus represents the best possible version of Detour, albeit presented at 1080p resolution rather than 4K. The results are, as you might expect, revelatory. Detour absolutely holds its own against other, more generously-budgeted films noirs from the era. Film grain is apparent but well-encoded (with an average video bitrate of 35.7 Mbps), and dynamic range is healthy from start to finish. Black levels are solid and deep, without apparent crushing (especially in nighttime shots), and highlights are extended in the daylight exteriors without coming anywhere near clipping. In other words, contrast is healthy though not artificially pumped. 041b061a72

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