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The Concubine Korean Movie 2012 14

The Concubine Korean Movie 2012 14

The Concubine is a 2012 South Korean erotic romantic historical film directed by Kim Dae-seung. It depicts a tragic love triangle story between Hwa-yeon, her true love Kwon-yoo, and the man who will be King in the Joseon Dynasty.

The Concubine Korean Movie 2012 14


The film was released on June 6, 2012 and received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the film for its cinematography, music, and performances, while others criticized it for its excessive violence, nudity, and melodrama. The film was also controversial for its depiction of sexual abuse and torture in the royal palace.

The film was a commercial success, grossing over $16 million at the box office and becoming one of the highest-grossing Korean films of 2012. It also won several awards, including Best Actress for Jo Yeo-jeong at the Grand Bell Awards and Best New Actor for Kim Dong-wook at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.


Hwa-yeon (Jo Yeo-jeong) is the daughter of a wealthy nobleman who is forced to become a concubine for the King (Jung Chan) after her father is accused of treason. She loves Kwon-yoo (Kim Min-jun), a low-born commoner who saved her father's life and lives with her family. They try to elope but are caught and separated by her father's men.

Five years later, Hwa-yeon has become the Queen after giving birth to a son. The King dies of a mysterious illness and his stepmother (Park Ji-young) places her son Sung-won (Kim Dong-wook) on the throne as a puppet king. Sung-won is Hwa-yeon's childhood friend who has always loved her, but his mother controls him with an iron fist.

Hwa-yeon is moved to a humble residence where she is under constant surveillance. She discovers that her former lover Kwon-yoo is now a eunuch in the palace and still loves her. She also learns that the King's stepmother had him killed to put Sung-won on the throne. She decides to fight back and protect her son from the power-hungry Queen Mother.

The film ends with a bloody coup d'etat that results in the deaths of most of the main characters. Hwa-yeon survives and escapes with her son and Kwon-yoo, but she is fatally wounded by an arrow. She dies in Kwon-yoo's arms, telling him that she loves him.




Jo Yeo-jeong


Kim Dong-wook


Kim Min-jun


Park Ji-young

Queen Mother

Jung Chan



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