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Julian Cook
Julian Cook

H.O.S.H. - Writer (Original Mix)

"The Hanging Tree" received positive reviews from music critics, with several critics complimenting its effectiveness as a murder ballad. Jeff Baker, writing for called the song the best part of the film. Baker complimented Lawrence for turning the track into a "murder ballad that calls back to her Kentucky roots".[23] Stereogum writer Gabriella Tully Claymore called it a "creepy-as-hell take on classic Americana murder ballads".[24] Stephanie Merry from The Washington Post praised Lawrence's vocal delivery, commenting that her "raspy voice [matches] the dark narrative and Appalachian style of the music".[16]

H.O.S.H. - Writer (Original Mix)

UK based former DJ and promoter, co-owner, director, writer & creative at Decoded Magazine. Studied at the University of Wolverhampton graduating in Graphic Communication & Typography (BA Hons). In house video editor and avid MMA follower with a keen ear for dark, twisted, hypnotic, tribal progressive house and techno.

On 21 February, Sara reached 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[8]On 16 May, Sara was credited for NIJISANJI EN first wave "LazuLight" debut song "Diamond City Lights" as the lyric story writer. 041b061a72

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