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Julian Cook
Julian Cook

Female Naked Mud Wrestling Extra Quality

Our last night of freedom in Bratislava was superb. We got little too drunk on pub crawl but the staff at mud wrestling center was very tolerant and apprehensive and let us go in. We only got problem with some service in city center: mean bartenders, taxi driver trying to screw us over.... I mean, whats wrong with you people???? But mud wrestling club was great, service all OK, nice lady at the bar and show was highly entertaining. Thanks for that!

female naked mud wrestling


First I thought it would be a bullshit but there really were nude girls, they really were sexy and they were wrestling in a real mud! What an unbelievable show! I had experience three bachelor parties before and I regret we had never done naked mud wrestling before. Thank you Bratislava Mud Wrestling Club for superb evening!

Our female guide escorted us from the hotel right to the wrestling center. Club was well-equipped, very modern. I dunno what was more charming, the sexy smile of a waitress or nude girls wrestling in a mud? Sexy, hot, stunning adult show! Good job girls!

Hi! So we visited this mud wrestling club in Bratislava a few weeks ago. Friend of mine had a stag party and our guys prepared him such a surprise. As a girl I thought I will kind of sweat it out, you know, bunch of naked girls fighting in a mud, that's not something that may impress me, but I was shocked and pleasantly surprised about the show! The performance was great, not just a dummy fight but a professional show. Together with my drunk boys we did have fun of our lives! Thank you everybody! I highly recommend to both men and women.

I have never been into wild parties before and when it came to my stag party, I asked my best man to omit all the strippers and lap dance shows. He made a trade-off and booked a mud wrestling show. At the beginning I was not keen of that idea at all. We went to the club, it was too nice and clean for what was about to happen there in a while. The staff in club was really caring. We got the seats and drinks and the show began. I admit, first I thought What the hell?? But after a fewminutes I really did enjoy! The girls were attractive and performed the show a professionals. We laught and spent great time there. Mud wrestling in Bratislava was a super option. Erotic enough but not too vulgar. Thanks organizers and the wrestlers for perfect job!

i heard the best stag parties are on east but what was this? stag weekend in bratislava?? my head is still hurting!! before pub crawl we went to see the bikini wrestling girls and that was something! i cannot stop thinking of those sexy bodies covered in mud. pity that they didnt want to join us for a party later on.... definitely pay a visit to this club if you have a chance!

The best stag prank ever??? Make your stag join a group of mud wrestling girls! Thank you Mud Wrestling Club Bratislava for perfect cooperation and for fulfilling all of our requests! Bikini wrestling was a golden top of our stag do in Slovakia! See you soon!!

Jelly, oil and mud wrestling is the ultimate stag do dream! You'll watch two gorgeous girls wrestle with each other in slippery, shiny jelly, oil or mud, all for your entertainment. They'll be in bikinis or even topless or naked! Whatever they wear, these girls will really put on a wild show, boasting some cool wrestling moves while driving you all crazy with their hot bodies. And if you want to get involved? You can!

Oil wrestling and mud wrestling. These are competitive fights in a slippery substance, not just girls rolling around.Our matches feature fast and aggressive action: DWW women always fight for the victory by pinning or submitting the other fighter.

If you aim to guarantee the groom experiences which will remain in his unforgettable memories for the rest of his life and never disappear or get blurred, you should definitely consider booking mud wrestling. In order to make it a little bit juicy, two female wrestlers are gonna be totally naked. Still not persuaded?

Some mainstream news outlets like Fox News and The Daily Mail have reportedly floated the idea of starting a petition in the hopes that the two women, who at the time of going to print have amicably resolved their misunderstanding of the important identity issue, compete against each other in the wrestling match for $1 million each.

As all mud-wrestling bouts do, we started on our hands and knees in more mud than usual. My bikinis are especially made with Velcro fastenings, so it is easier to rip off, in fact my opponent had borrowed a knickers and bra set off me. We had discussed strategy and had practiced ripping the panties and bras off each other to give good effect. Obviously this turned us on so much we kissed and fondled each other lovingly in the loo. A not uncommon practice among women mud-wrestlers as it puts us in a mood for what lies ahead in the ring. Lot's of people brand us as lesbians, but they are far from right. Bi-sexual maybe. I can't wait for my Husband to get his penis into me when we get home from a show. That usually happens in a hot relaxing bath. When I wrestle with men and end up getting pinned and fucked by them, it is not with the morals of a lesbian.

So, getting together with our opponents meant that we did not go in the ring cold towards each other. It was the type of wrestling where we did not require skill or aggression, because basically it was a strip show to tease and tantalize the audience so that they go home and fuck their partners. The sexual overture at the end of the bout was more to reward the winner than the audience, although the men in the audience will tell you a different story. That is the way it should be. It's what brings the people flocking to see us. When Larry wrestles with men and he knows that it is going to end in sex with that man, whether he is the Victor or the loser he has to be prepared to put on a show, just as the Gladiators did in the Roman arenas. It does not make him homosexual. Although, my Larry does not mind losing.

Before the whistle for the, 'Off'' Jenny and I had snarled and spat at each other like alley cats. Coming up onto our hinds and clawing at each other, never contacting. It stirs up the crowd. Sex is a paramount attraction for the crowds to these shows and they are really awaiting the last four bouts of the evening which I was booked for two of. It was against men and it is always a guarantee for the female to be pinned and fucked to completion. I was billed for the last show of the evening where I'm to take a fall and get screwed anally. The first bout with a guy was a free for all where the winner asks the audience what they should do with the loser? If I win they will call for me to fuck the guy with a strap-on. Guess you can guess what they will call if I lose. By that time they usually know what size of cock the guy has! I have never yet met a male mud-wrestler with less than eight inches of cock! Most of the wrestlers in the fuck-bouts are chosen for their cock size rather than there wrestling skills. Eight inches is considered to be little! Larry has a thick nine inches of highly usable meat. I love to watch him fucking his losers. To see the look on their faces when it first goes into their assholes.

I would love a private bout with Fairy Mammoth. She always shaves her pussy before a bout. Come to think of it, I do too! Or Larry does it for me. It saves mud matting in your pubic hair. The female attendants always wash the wrestlers down before they fuck each other. A chore they really enjoy! They always bring a dais into the ring and the fucking is done on the raised dais.

In these parties you start off naked once you have removed your comic outfit. Members of the audiences take part. Both men and women of the elite strip off and jump into the ring with you. In these cases I always use my strap-on cock up them.

Larry and I have travelled all over Britain, America, Mexico and Japan. We are booked to go to Germany next. In parts of Japan, women wrestlers are allowed to wear strap-ons to fuck the losers whether they are male or female. The internet spreads customs all over the world at the speed of light.

I often train with Larry who is an ex-free style and Greco-Roman wrestler, but went for the mud wrestling because you have less chance of getting hurt and there is a lot more money in it. Larry loved it when I did my anal training with him. It is all show and planned out to incite the crowds.

'The boss wants to speak to you Vixen. I have a few minutes to spare, Jenny if you want to continue with what you were doing. She sidled past me into Jenny's open arms, guiding Jenny's cock to her pussy as they fell back onto the bench. I put on my robe with nowt else on and went to the Office in the main house. My agent was in their with the Farmer and his son. All three of them were leering at me as I they knew I was naked under the robe.

'Hi Vixen, sorry to upset your rest period, only we have had a female wrestler drop out and we were wondering if you would step in for us. It's all-in-free style. It has a five hundred quid tab and if it goes to double penetration you could net a thousand. In fact I will guarantee that figure. I know it means you doing three fuck spots, but you would be helping us out of a fix.'

As with all fuck-bouts, I was naked under my cape. Same as Dangerous Dane would be under his. We stripped our capes off in the ring after we were introduced by the referee, the arbitrator of my pussy and asshole fate in this fight. I loved the crowds response when they saw me naked, the whistles, the cat calls and the many lewd calls. They all turned me on and made me hot and horny. I made a few lewd gestures of my own which whipped up the young and the old randy males plus a few ardent lesbians.

Already the crowd was chanting, 'Fuck her! Fuck her cunt! Fuck her asshole! Give it to her good, Dane! Then came a woman's scream, 'Bite his balls off, Vixen!' They did not want to see us wrestling, they wanted the fucking to start right away. In a way, I did too. Soon as it was done and all over, I would be pleased. It was my toughest bout of the night! He was like a big gorilla growling at the crowd and menacing the women in the front rows with his huge cock. They loved it! Half of them were not wearing their knickers and those who were, were taking them off and throwing them at him. He grabbed one pair and turned towards me and pointed to my mouth. My juices flowed again. In that second I decided to go along the fuck route. I wanted that prick inside me! I wanted to be pinned and fucked!

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