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Bonito Radiocom 6 Keygen.epubl

Bonito RadioCom 6: A Software Suite for Ham Radio Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a software that can help you with encoding and decoding various digital and analog signals from a radio, controlling your radio (CAT), and improving your sound and audio quality, you might want to check out Bonito RadioCom 6. This is a software suite that is designed for ham radio operators who want to explore the world of radio communication and data transmission.

Bonito RadioCom 6 is the successor of the successful RadioCom 5. It has many new features and improvements that make it a powerful and versatile tool for ham radio enthusiasts. Some of the features include:

Bonito Radiocom 6 Keygen.epubl

  • DualRadioControl: You can control two radios simultaneously with one sound card. You can also use the mouse wheel or the frequency slider to tune the signals. The software supports more than 100 radios, including ICOM, YAESU, Kenwood, TenTec, Elecraft, Bonito RadioJet and others. The package comes with a Bonito Switchbox that includes level converters for different radios.

  • SDR Integration: You can use your SDR (software-defined radio) device as a receiver or transmitter with RadioCom 6. The software integrates with popular SDR software such as SDR#, HDSDR, SDR-Radio and others. You can also use the Bonito SDR-BandWatch feature to create virtual receivers and monitor multiple frequencies at once.

  • Multi Signal Decoding: You can decode and transmit various modes such as RTTY, CW, PSK31, SSTV, WFax, SatFax, Time signal, SDR Integration, SubDecoder and TX Encoder. You can also run several decoders at the same time and switch between them easily.

  • Internet Satellite Image Download Service: You can download satellite images from the internet using the MeteoServer service that is included in the software. You can view weather maps, cloud cover, precipitation, temperature and other data from different satellites around the world.

  • DSP-Filter Equalizer: You can enhance the sound quality of your signals by using the digital sound processor (DSP) of your sound card. You can adjust the frequency response, noise reduction, notch filter, squelch and other parameters to optimize your reception and transmission.

  • 3D Frequency and Channel Scanner: You can scan the frequency spectrum and find active signals using the 3D scanner feature. You can also create channel lists and scan them automatically or manually. The scanner can display the signal strength, mode, bandwidth and other information.

  • Hi-Res Spectrum Analyzer, Audio Analyzer and Oscilloscopes: You can analyze the signals in detail using the high-resolution spectrum analyzer that shows the amplitude and phase of the signals. You can also use the audio analyzer and oscilloscopes to measure the audio frequency, modulation index, distortion and other parameters.

  • SatTrack 6: You can track satellites and calculate their orbits using the SatTrack 6 feature that is integrated in the software. You can view the satellite position, velocity, altitude, azimuth, elevation and other data on a map or a polar diagram. You can also control your antenna rotator and adjust it to point at the satellite.

  • Flexible User Interface: You can customize the user interface of RadioCom 6 according to your preferences. You can change the window colors, fonts, sizes and positions. You can also use multiple monitors to display different windows and functions.

  • Free Online Updates: You can update your software online for free whenever there is a new version available. You can also access online manuals, videos and support from Bonito's website.

Bonito RadioCom 6 is a comprehensive software suite that offers many possibilities for ham radio enthusiasts who want to explore the world of radio communication and data transmission. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating systems. It requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM, 500 MB hard disk space, a sound card and an internet connection. It costs 299 (about $350) for a single license.

If you are interested in buying or learning more about Bonito RadioCom 6, you can visit their official website [here]. You can also read their online manual [here] or download their PDF manual [here].

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