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Brothers And Sisters - Season 5

The fifth and final season of Brothers & Sisters premiered on September 26, 2010, and concluded May 8, 2011. Season five takes place one year after the events of the season four finale "On the Road Again". This season featured the show's 100th episode with the airing of episode 13.

Brothers and Sisters - Season 5

The season was originally set to only feature 18 episodes to make way for new drama Off the Map in mid-season. However, on October 25, 2010, it was announced that ABC had picked up four more episodes, bringing the season to 22 episodes in total. The series' cancellation was announced on May 13, 2011.[2]

There were several cast changes in 2011, with the departures of Rob Lowe, whose character Robert McCallister (Kitty's husband) died in the car crash that ended season 4, and of Luke Grimes, who played Ryan Lafferty, William Walker's illegitimate son. Gilles Marini, who played Luc Laurent, Sarah's boyfriend, was also been upgraded to a series regular.[3] Additionally, Kerris Lilla Dorsey and Maxwell Perry Cotton, the actors who portrayed Sarah Walker's children, Paige and Cooper, respectively, were downgraded to recurring status.

ABC considered bringing back Balthazar Getty's character Tommy Walker full-time for the fifth season,[4] but it was later announced that Getty would return for several episodes, the first of which would be the show's 100th episode.[5]

Emily VanCamp left the show and only appeared in two episodes during the fifth season to close out her character's storyline.[6] Patricia Wettig left the show mid-season after her character Holly Harper followed her daughter to New York. This season sees the whole Harper family absent from the show.[7]

Beau Bridges was cast as Nick Brody; Nora's high school flame. He signed on for at least five episodes and will first appear in the middle of the season.[8] It was announced that Ida Holden (Marion Ross), mother of Saul and Nora, would die off-screen without appearing in any of the last season's episodes.

This season picks up a year after the events of the previous season finale revealing what has happened since the events of "On The Road Again," such as whether Robert survived the car crash and how Saul is dealing with life after discovering he is HIV positive.

Nora begins the season secretly working as a florist as she feels she needs a new purpose in her life. Due to the events of the previous season, Nora hasn't been giving her opinions and advice to her family. After finally regaining her confidence, she quits her job and helps set straight her children, all of whom are going through various problems. A man witnessing this asks her to audition for a new radio show giving motherly advice. Although she is initially intimidated by competing against a well-known psychiatrist, Nora wins the show after Kevin and Kitty call in with their problems. After working at the radio station for a while, Nora begins dating a radio psychologist named Karl. Although they start off happy together, they eventually end their relationship after Karl finds it hard to deal with the rest of the Walkers and how close the family always seems to be.

After Tommy's new partner Rose begins creating the Walker family tree, Nora begins to think back and feeling begin to resurface for her old flame Brody whom she left to marry William. Rose's information also makes Sarah temporarily question her paternity, so much so that she gets in contact with Brody who then turns up on Nora's doorstep. Although she is initially reluctant to speak to him she finds herself enjoying his company until she realises the reason she left him in the first place was because of his inability to commit. She realises he is still the same but that she doesn't blame him for that. Brody leaves again but asks Nora to take care of his dog, he returns a few weeks later, the same day that Nora discovers that her mother has died. Brody helps Nora deal with unresolved issues with her mother and she asks him to stay so that they can be together. After admitting to Justin that he lied about his blood type and therefore the possibility that he could be Sarah's father he decides to leave. Once Nora discovers this she and Justin carry out a secret paternity test and after it comes back positive decide to tell Sarah the truth, but after Sarah admits this doesn't change her feelings and wants to nothing to do with him Nora decides not to tell Brody. After Sarah discovers that Brody is her father he comes to win back Nora. At first she tries to stay away from him because of Sarah she can't help but give into her feelings for him. Although angry to begin with, on her wedding day Sarah connects with Brody and gives her parents her blessing. Nora ends the season looking over her new extended family happy with her life.

Kitty begins the season refusing to leave the side of a comatose Robert, convinced he'll wake up, despite the rest of the family's doubts. She finally decides to say goodbye after encouragement from Justin. After this, she decides to rent a cottage in Ojai to rediscover herself. She meets and begins to date a local man named Jack, who reveals he was once a corporate banker in the city and left for the same reasons she did. After she moves back to the city, Kitty is happy when Jack follows to be with her; however, it soon becomes clear that he isn't happy and they decide to end their relationship, acknowledging that they helped each other transition through difficult times in their lives.

Since the end of the last season and their surrogacy plans falling through, Kevin has been distant from Scotty and has kept himself busy with work. Scotty admits to having a one-night stand with another man and Kevin begins sleeping on the sofa downstairs. Once the entire family discover what has happened, Kevin becomes angry but also admits that he wasn't there for Scotty when he needed him, thus he is partly to blame for what has happened to their marriage. Kevin decides to stay with Kitty for a while. Paige gets Kevin and Scotty to finally discuss what has been going on with their relationship and after talking they mend their relationship.

Sarah is having trouble with Luc's busy and glamorous new career and begins to feel old around him; however, they become engaged at the end of episode five. After selling off the land discovered in the season four finale, Sarah decides to get back into business and uses her share of money to buy a large media company. She admits that part of her decision was that the company owns the radio station where Nora works, effectively making Sarah her boss. Sarah also has issues with Paige, as she continues to act out going as far as to drinking alcohol with her friend during a party for Luc. She is also becomes jealous of how much Paige and Coop look up to Luc and see him as a friend, although she later admits that to be a good parent she can't always be her children's friend.

Saul deals with being HIV positive and coming to terms with how this affects his love life. Although he begins dating someone early in the season, this ends when he reveals his HIV status. Late, he begins dating a man named Johnathan. During Sarah's wedding, Saul's boyfriend asks him to marry him and he agrees. After his mother dies, he discovers that she knew he was gay and hoped he was happy leaving him with closure around their relationship.

What were your favorite moments from the season premiere of Brothers & Sisters? And is anyone else dying to do a 1998 Tae-Bo workout with Sarah and Kevin? Come over, you guys. I still have the VHS. Bring wine.

The prosecutor's argument was primarily an attack on the credibility of the defense alibi witnesses. The prosecutor attacked the testimony of Dr. Godinez, pointing out that although Dr. Godinez said he based his affidavit on the earlier prescription, he did not attach a copy of the prescription to the affidavit and the prescription now cannot be found. The prosecutor suggested that the prescription, if it existed, might originally have read March 7 and might have been altered to read March 17. The prosecutor described the other defense alibi witnesses as "myna birds, programmed to say certain things and nothing more." He noted that petitioner, his girlfriend, and his sister told their stories, but then could not recall or did not understand questions on cross-examination. Petitioner even claimed not to know the seasons of the year, and he grew up on a farm. [1 Cal. 4th 594]

"Jesus Marquez, petitioner's father, testified that petitioner arrived in El Pilon during the rice cutting season, which is December and January. His girlfriend arrived shortly afterward, and they both stayed through the rainy season, which is from June to October.

The report reiterates the findings describing de la Pena's investigation, but finds that although he interviewed petitioner's parents and some of his sisters, he "did not interview them regarding matters relevant to mitigation [1 Cal. 4th 600] of penalty." The referee concluded that "[i]n sum, there was no penalty phase investigation conducted in this case with respect to petitioner's character, background, and conduct as a youth. The entire corpus of evidence presented as mitigation consisted of the brief references of the alibi witnesses and attorney [d]e [l]a Pena during guilt phase to the objective conditions of poverty existing in El Pilon."

"(i) Petitioner's mother testified that as a young child petitioner would help her, even with jobs considered 'women's work.' When her own father died, petitioner consoled her. When his brother and sisters would argue, petitioner would ask them to calm down and tell them not to fight. He was a good son to her.

[6] As noted, the referee found counsel's investigative efforts inadequate. He found that counsel spent less than one-half hour in El Pilon and went nowhere in El Pilon other than the Marquez house. Counsel interviewed three potential witnesses in Mexico and eventually called only one, Dr. Godinez. The referee found that competent counsel would have interviewed petitioner's brothers, sisters, and neighbors in El Pilon, and the sister in nearby Los Reyes. Competent counsel would have interviewed potential alibi witnesses not only as to their general recollection of petitioner's [1 Cal. 4th 604] presence in El Pilon but would have made specific inquiries as to whether their recollections could be tied to extrinsically verifiable events such as local festivals. Competent counsel would also have made arrangements for such witnesses to testify. The referee further found that there were potential alibi witnesses whose testimony at the hearing was straightforward and credible and that their testimony would have added great strength to petitioner's alibi defense. 041b061a72

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